China Intensifies Crackdown On 'Pig Butchering' Networks: 'Enough Is Enough'

Chinese authorities are escalating their efforts to dismantle an international online scam network known as “pig butchering,” which operates from Southeast Asia, often under the control of Chinese crime bosses.

The scammers foster elaborate online relationships with victims globally, coaxing them into making bogus investments, and then vanishing after gathering significant funds, reported The Wall Street Journal. The crackdown has led to mass arrests in the past few months, targeting areas along China’s border with Myanmar, known for their lawlessness and criminal activities, including narcotics trafficking.

These scam operations, often run by Chinese fugitives, have thrived in Myanmar’s frontier areas, long recognized as havens for gambling and various forms of trafficking. They have been responsible for defrauding billions of dollars annually from Chinese citizens and victims worldwide.

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These fraudsters operate from heavily guarded, clandestine compounds ...

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